We may also notice the disruption of unsaturated acids at the double linkage into a mixture of two acids, when fused with potash. The original Wends were gradually fused with the later Saxons, although the Platea Slavonica, mentioned in 1475, was still distinguished as the Wenden Strasse in 1567. And nothing, it seems, is too profane or too outrageous to be fused with " worship.

The interwoven hyphae fuse and branch copiously, filling up all interstices. The process of cupellation is briefly as follows: - The gold alloy is fused with a quantity of lead, and a little silver if silver is already present. Also, Apply fusible web to the patch wrong side and, If conditions are right, protons and electrons then, As her daughter tripped on a mop and dropped a box of glass dishes, the burnt end of that, He enclosed gunpowder in a tight fabric wrapping to create the first safety, The Exocet's 165 kg high-explosive shaped charge warhead is armed with a delayed impact fuse and a proximity, The fragmentation and shaped charge warhead is equipped with a proximity fuse and an impact, In the process of being buried under other sediments, these ooids can, At one side, tiny membrane-bound vesicles move towards the Golgi body and, He wanted to do a first-person narrative describing a real human story and he wanted to, The high explosive fragmentation warhead is fitted with an active laser proximity, Within these putrescent pools, black pycniospores, In most diplonts, mitosis occurs only in the diploid phase, i.e.

For all the misery of the uphill climb, this downhill dash was fused in his memory forever, and in one brief moment he knew this Colorado country was where he belonged.

A precipitate of ruthenium oxide gradually separates; this is collected and ignited in a graphite crucible and finally fused in the oxyhydrogen furnace (H. Pointing out that condensed types can only be fused with a radical replacing more than one atom of hydrogen, he laid the foundation of the doctrine of valency, a doctrine of incalcul able service to the knowledge of the structure of chemical compounds.

The pinnae are formed by the elongated autozooids, whose proximal portions are fused together to form a leaf-like expansion, from the upper edge of which the distal extremities of the zooids project. The more important picric powders are melinite, believed to be a mixture of fused picric acid and gun-cotton; lyddite, the British service explosive, and shimose, the Japanese powder, both supposed to be identical with the original melinite; Brugere's powder, a mixture of 54 parts of ammonium picrate and 45 parts of saltpetre; Designolle's powder, composed of potassium picrate, saltpetre and charcoal; and emmensite, invented by Stephen Emmens, of the United States. But when singers and Levites were fused the Asaphites ceased to be the only singers, and ultimately, as we see in Chronicles, they were distinguished from the Korahites and reckoned to Gershom (i Chron. It melts readily, and on cooling resolidifies to a brown mass, which at moderately high temperatures gives off oxygen and leaves a residue of a basic lead salt; for this reason fused lead chromate is sometimes made use of in the analysis of organic compounds. Five metal compounds, superheated and then fused into one single alloy, are used to create the C-5 frame material.

A peculiar modification of this type of scolex occurs in the Echinobothridae, in which the axial part of the organ (the rostellum) is elongated and provided with several rows of hooks, whilst the phyllidia have partially fused. Biting mandibles; second maxillae incompletely fused; maxilIulae often distinct. encodepromoter from a GATA transcription factor gene was fused to a gene encoding the reporter enzyme GUS. Surgery involves releasing the fused sutures and reshaping the bone of the skull and eye orbit. It burns readily in air, and is converted into the pentoxide when fused with acid potassium sulphate. This is filtered, washed, and then fused with caustic soda, when the sulpho-group is replaced by a hydroxyl group, and a second hydroxyl group is simultaneously formed; in order to render the formation of this second group easier, a little potassium chlorate or sodium nitrate is added to the reaction mixture. Slightly cupriferous silver is made into dry nitrate and the latter fused to. In most of the former the palatines fuse with the vomers, whilst they remain distinct, unless entirely lost, in the latter. A, Lateral view with appendages III to VI removed; 1, plate covering the whole dorsal area, representing the fused tergal sclerites of the prosoma and opisthosoma; 2, similarly-formed ventral plate; 3, tracheal stigma. Genera with small metasomatic carapace, consisting of three to six fused segments distinctly marked though not separated by soft membrane, are Harpes, Paradoxides and Triarthrus (fig. A special electric proximity fuse which was designed for these bombs. Light the tip of each firework at arm 's length, using a safety firework lighter or fuse wick. The habits of individual energy fused together by the inspiration of patriotism conquered Canada. The effort to fuse the masses of raw material into a well-proportioned whole is perhaps not quite successful; and Carlyle had not the full sympathy with Frederick which had given interest to the Cromwell. But how long a fuse? he said. Examples of Fuse in a sentence. electron beam writing a pattern on fused silica or silicon.

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